The Fairies of Salt Spring Island – Fairy Doors and Fairy Home Tours

salt spring island fairies home tours

saltspring island fairies home tours


Our beautiful Salt Spring Island is brimming with the magic of fairies and elves, with signs of their presence all over the island. From the top of Mt. Erskine, to the village of Ganges, there are many little fairytale marks to be found. I thoroughly enjoy checking out all of the fanciful notions that Salt Spring has to offer, and that is why it was my absolute pleasure to be invited to tour a new place to explore the mystery of these magical beings.


Fairy doors salt spring island

Now open to the public are the SaltSpring Island fairies home tours of Fairy Landing and the Ethereal Forest.  Curious children (and children-at-heart) are invited to set out on a small adventure through a beautiful property, speckled with many different fairy homes, gnome domes and other magical mementos throughout. Experienced finders of fairy and elven signs, my summer brood could not be more excited to head out on this adventure.


salt spring island fairies home tours


Guided by Salt Spring local and fairy enthusiast Gramma Cathy, the tour began with the gift of a small bag to collect the various small treasures along the trail, which the fairies had left for their visitors. There were clues to follow as we wound our way over the hills and through the woods, spying and wondering at the inside and out of each little building. Much to the delight of the little ones who joined me on our tour, there was also a small village with a train that chugs along a raised track, around some trees near a mossy green clearing.


saltspring island fairies home tours


At the end of the tour there was a collection of small dwellings that the fairies have listed “For Sale”. Visitors are welcome to make one their own, bringing a sense of magic and inviting the fairy folk to move into your own piece of paradise. These lovingly handcrafted abodes are sure to delight visitors – young and old, magic and muggle – for many years to come.


saltspring island fairies home tours salt spring island fairies


The cost of the tour is $5 per child 12 and under (no hidden fees, all gifts from the fairies remain free as gifts). Everyone else is welcome to come along, free of charge, when accompanied by a child.

If this sounds like something you or your little ones would be interested in enjoying, please feel free to contact Gramma Cathy on the phone at 250-931-1067 to book your spot. Make sure to follow the Facebook page for Fairy Landing here, too. You may also wish to check out the soon-to-be-released book written by Cathy – Fairy Rose and the Power of Eleven.


salt spring island fairies home


We all enjoyed our tour tremendously (even my tiny toddler), and are excited to return again later this summer for another peek into the realm of magic. What a wonderful way to spend time with children on Salt Spring Island!

*Disclaimer* This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated to write any part of the above. I am sharing this because I know there are many, many others out there that would be just as thrilled as we were to tour this magical place.

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