The Day I Almost Died & Getting Back On Some Wagons: Friday Five

mom and toddler I almost died

mom and toddler I almost died

It’s been another hopping week in my #momlife this week! Here are five fantastic experiences we had this first week of February.


Greenery Growing

We are so fortunate to be able to experience the green and new growth of Spring so early in the year, compared to our other Canadian provinces. Even though we do have a bit more rain here, the benefit is that the greenery all around, all year round, seems to sing to my heart and remind me that everything is still very much alive. Some may say our rainy climate is dismal, but I think it’s full of life and cheer!

These bits of garlic shooting up in our strawberry patch are making me excited about attempting (yet again) to become more successful (and less lazy) gardeners this year.



Ladies Night & One Heck of a Man

Last Friday night, this mama had her second ladies’ night out in coming on three years. First of all, how crazy is that? Secondly, for anyone who may be experiencing their own “taste of freedom” in the near future, and you plan on consuming a glass or ten of “adult drinks”, let me remind you of something important: your tolerance is not what it used to be.

Saturday was the worst hangover of my entire life. I had an extraordinary amount of fun with my gal pal at the local pub (pretty well the only place to go if you want to go out for some drinks and potential dancing and feel like you’re in an “adult” setting), but I can tell you now that the next time I go out, I’m going to be taking it waaaaaaay easier.

All Daddy, all day. Feeling very thankful for this man right now. #momsnightout #daddydaughter #luckymama

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So, while I was laying in bed dying from the wee hours of the morning until the late hours of the evening on Saturday (I was so sick, I couldn’t even be on my phone), my hubby was picking up all of my slack. I cannot tell you how thankful I was (and am) for this man as I was getting to know my porcelain friend more than I ever wanted to. Listening to them talking and playing downstairs, getting ready to leave me alone in the house while they enjoyed some Daddy-Daughter time, I was reminded of how lucky I am to have a partner in my life who is such a fantastic father to my girl, and who takes care of me when I need it.

The next time he’s feeling “under the weather”, I will certainly have more sympathy for him than I’ve had recently. Parenting and illness (self-made or not) do not mix!



Yoga Mat Adventures

My personal trainer thinks I’m a slide. #help #imnotaplayground #momlife #momproblems #mamafitness

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Little Miss Ziggity and I each got new yoga mats for Christmas. Since I have fallen hard off of the exercise and fitness train since becoming pregnant (3 years ago… :S), I have finally decided it’s time to get back in shape. Or at least move my muscles a bit so I don’t get so sore (read this post on parenting back pain and an awesome tool I found for finding relief).

While it’s not ideal practicing yoga and other beneficial stretches and exercises with a toddler crawling all over you, it’s certainly been helping my aches and pains. Plus, it’s a positive way to spend time together with the little one, exploring our bodies and movements, and often laughing together on the floor.



Winter Ice Cream Date

It’s cold out. I know that. Even so, with frozen fingers we tromped around town one day in search of ice cream. The fact that the actual ice cream store had switched to selling soup and removed their ice cream stock from the store did not deter us from enjoying a tasty treat. We ended up with a bowl full of gelato and sprinkles, and Z could barely contain her excitement for our “special treat!”

You’ve just got to live a little sometimes. Sugar and all.



Library Enthusiasm

Another thing we’ve fallen off the wagon with is our routine of library visits. It had been a few months since our last trip to hunt and gather new books to explore, and I was giddy to find out that Z is ready to enjoy some “older” kids books with more advanced story lines. My preschool experience is finally starting to find a new life in story time with my own babe, and I cannot tell you how giddy this makes me! Perhaps I’ll do some posts on what books we take out from the library each trip, and how we liked them. Is this something you’d be interested in? Leave me a comment below, or holler at me on Facebook or Twitter and let me know!

How was your week?

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