January Week One – Friday Five

January snow fort

January snow fortAnother week down. Now that I think on it, I’m not sure I ever did a week update last Friday. Oops!

Life. Is. BUSY!!

But it’s good. So that’s cool.

So. Here are the five pieces of this past week that are important to me, which I want to share with you.




It doesn’t get cold enough for snow to fall or stick on the ground before melting, so the day or two a year that we get snow here is pretty special.


Z was thrilled to see the fluffy white sparkles covering the outside world, and after getting all bundled up (multiple layers and rain suit on top – snow suits here aren’t exactly reasonable for us) we headed out to build snowmen, snow forts, eat snow (Z’s idea, and she was hooked), catch snowflakes and “sled” down the hill in our back yard.


I love the snow when it’s a novelty.





I did quite a bit of purging last year, especially after reading this awesome little book that changed my mindset on what needed to be kept, but here’s the thing – none of it actually left our home. So this month is all about out with the old. Renewal. Re-freshening. All of that New Years and January business, you know. It feels darn good to have the unnecessary stuff out of my life and in new homes where it can actually be used and enjoyed, and to have all this space back!

There is still a lot to go, but now I actually have a dedicated work space, which is great. I can actually sit down and focus on writing and working, and then when I’m done, I leave it all behind in my workspace so I can enjoy my personal life without being drawn back to “quickly submit this” or “write a short email”. Focus, focus, focus, and not just on the projects, but the personal, will make a world of difference in my life.  


New Baby!

This last week we welcomed a new baby into our extended family. We are so excited to meet her, but until we can make the trip, we sent away a box of some of Ziggity’s nicest baby clothes, many which held special meaning for being gifted by family, so it felt wonderful to pass them on to someone else who is so connected to us and those family members. I can’t wait to see her all dressed up in those tiny little clothes!



Napping.. or Not

So, over the past few weeks little Z has been having some troubles getting to sleep. Bed time is getting back to normal, falling asleep in a reasonable amount of time (kind of.. last night was over an hour again), but naps aren’t that great. Most of the naps I’ve actually had to just give up doing anything during those precious hours, since Z will just wake up if I try to leave, and be very tired and upset until I get her back down. She’ll get through it. I know she will. It’s a bit of a struggle right now, but hey – I remember a time when she would NEVER sleep unless someone (me) was holding her against my chest.

Things change, babies grow. What’s hard right now won’t be forever. We will get through this in it’s own due time, in our own way. She’s still so small, and right now she needs us. I will be there for her. I will give her what she needs, even if it makes my life and my alone time a little bit harder. That’s what mom’s do, right? Plus, these snuggles won’t last forever. Take them when you can!  



Showing Support

This week I have been sharing all over my different social networks and this blog about a family that means a lot to me, who needs some help. It feels amazing to be able to use the (albeit small) online voice and influence that I have to speak up for people who matter. I’m not getting paid, I’m not getting product, I’m not getting exposure or prestige, but I am filling my soul and am hopefully helping this family to reach more people who want to help them find the treatment that they need.

I would really appreciate it if you check out this post, and offer your support in any way you can – there are a lot of ways, and even something that seems so small (liking a post on Facebook, commenting, sharing, posting your own video…) can make a huge impact if people just get involved. Come on, people! Helping another in need can be free and easy in this digital day and age, so what’s holding you back?


Thanks for checking in with how our week went! What did you get up to? Comment below, or leave a link to your own weekly update post. I’d love to check it out!

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