I’m Not the Mom I Thought I’d Be – Mom Confessions Monday

mom confessional

mom confessional

Hello out there.

I’m on the air.

It’s Mom Confessions Monday.


(That darn picture at the top is doing something weird. I’ve spent too much time trying to turn it and make it look like it says it should when I go to add it, so I’m just going to leave it as is. Sorry, dudes.)

I’m trying something new, you guys. There’s too much to say, and not enough time. I’d love to sit down right now and pour my little heart out into a perfectly structured and photographed post on one of the ideas that’s been bumping around my brain lately, but right now, I need to continue to take control of my home. I need to finish going through all the stuff that’s piled up and choose what stays and what goes, and to find a place for those things that will remain. The more I do with this, the more I realize that it needs to happen, and that the unnecessary extras hanging around are slowly smothering my life into having no idea what I want out of it. I need to be able to find my focus, and with so much disorganization, it’s just not very easy. So. That’s that.

To give me a bit of a “best of both worlds” situation – or at least a bit of both worlds – I took 5 minutes to make a short confessional on what I’m thinking about right now. I had no script. I didn’t take any time to think about what I was going to say. I didn’t put on makeup, pull back my hair, or even take my coat off after walking in the door (it’s cold in here, so I’m just going to keep it on, I think). The angle is awful, my mannerisms are as awkward as always (see me tugging on my earlobe? Nervous twitch that always ends in a sore ear), and the fact that my eyes are uneven is incredibly noticeable in this clip (if you didn’t notice, forget I said anything). I simply turned on the camera, and whatever came out, came out. Pure, honest, raw thoughts, which happened to be about motherhood, and how I’m not the mom I thought I would be before I had a little one.

If you take the time to see what I had to say, I’d love some feedback. I’d like to do this more often (maybe every Monday?), and while I want to keep it real and genuine, I’d also like to offer you more than the random ravings of my crazy little mind. If you have an idea for something you’d like to hear my thoughts on, feel free to share your idea with me. You can comment below, contact me via email, or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Here goes nothing.

Here’s where you can find that OneDay video, and here you can find those songs for early learners.

What did you think? Are you the mother (or father) you thought you’d be?

4 thoughts on “I’m Not the Mom I Thought I’d Be – Mom Confessions Monday

  1. Jennifer Pitt

    I am going through a tough time with my daughter right now, with defiance, throwing, hitting. As someone who has a child psychology background, I am dying inside because I am handling it all so badly sometimes. I so needed to see this today. I SO NEEDED TO SEE THIS TODAY. <3 <3 <3

    1. Hannah Post author

      I’m so glad you found so much inspiration with this, Jenn! It’s amazing how or professions seem like they would be more helpful to parenting than they really are. Every situation is so unique, and despite who we are at work, we’re still just overtired, over hungry, challenged humans in real life! We need to give ourselves some space for error!

  2. Erin Reeder

    LOVE THIS! It is so true…we should try the best we can each day and not beat ourselves up when things don’t go as we planned. Good advice for every parent, thanks Hannah! I think parenting is learning, and we will probably still be learning even when our children become adults. You never know what life, and your kids, will bring to you each day!

    1. Hannah Post author

      Thanks Erin! I think we need to hear this more often – you’re doing great! – instead of “You’re messing up your kid and need to know these 5 reasons why it’s your fault they don’t (or do) do xyz”. More good always come from building others up!


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