Judge Not My Parenting Choices – #MamaMovieMonday

judgemental parenting choices

judgemental parenting choices

Okay, folks. Because Jenn from Mommies Drink got all inspired by my video post last Monday and went and made a group and officialised this whole idea, I have actually stepped up to the plate to make another little movie for you. While I’m somewhat wondering how I’m going to keep this up every week (Will I be able to come up with more things to talk about? Will I just ramble on like a lunatic? Likely. Yes.), I’m also glad to have the push behind me from another blogger I so admire. I’ll admit that I’m pretty tickled that a) anyone actually watched me bumble away about motherhood while I wiggled the camera around and made all kinds of awkward movements and facial expressions, and b) someone (actually, at least a few someones I know of) were inspired and relieved by what I had to say. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what my purpose for blogging is all about.

So, this video. Quick preface on this shaky little work of heart.

Again, I didn’t take any special measures to look any certain way for you. Actually, that’s not entirely true. This time I did actually take off my jacket for you, so you don’t think I live without heat. We have heat, I’m just cold-blooded and don’t often take the time to start a fire before the hubby gets home. (As an aside, does anyone cringe at the word “hubby”? He told me the other night he really doesn’t like it. Perhaps I should just referring to him with a sweet rapper name like G-money or Steamy G. I’ll be accepting nickname submissions all week.)

But beyond the jacket removal service I have provided, what you see is what you get. I haven’t showered (let’s just say) today. I just walked in the door from a nice long meander down the Oceanside with a good friend and her new baby, and am wearing the clothes that have been sweated in and snotted on all morning. Possibly last night, too. Let’s just go ahead and throw that out there. I’m not judging you, and if you feel you need to judge me for playing outside, filing my soul with meaningful conversation, and prioritizing things differently than you might, then I’m sorry you’re wasting your brain-space worrying about my greasy hair and dirty clothes. It’s certainly not going to weigh me down! (The box of Turkish delight I inhaled last night by myself, however, is another story. Ah well. Worth every deliciously powdery bite.)

Alright. Without further ado, welcome to the second installment of my contribution to #MamaMovieMonday . If you’re not already in our Mama Movie Monday Facebook group, I encourage you to join us to watch and share clips and thoughts from moms who want to speak their minds and share their experiences in a safe and accepting place, unfettered by the worry of judgement on you as a person, or your parenting choices. You’re a great Mom!

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