This Is Why I Blog

why I blog keyboard blogging

why I blog keyboard blogging

Everyone’s got a reason for doing what they’re doing. Either they love to, they need to, or they don’t know what else to do. Finding out what is your reasoning is key to deciding whether or not to keep it up. As per my dedication this month to decluttering, in order to contemplate what I want my focus to be in my life right now, I have been giving some thought to a number of different things I find myself doing (or not doing). When it comes to blogging – writing (or recording) my thoughts out there for everyone to see, and hoping someone stumbles upon them – I don’t need to pause to know what the answer to my “Why?” is.

This is why I blog.

I want to make things better.

I want to give hope.

I want to strengthen mama (and papa) solidarity, despite the differences.

I want to open minds, eyes, and hearts.

I want to support other people who have something that needs said or done and listened to.

I want to share amazing things and ideas from small businesses and real people who could use the support.

I want to make you smile.

I want to make you laugh, so something good can come out of the ridiculous mess that I am.

I want to make you think.

I want that mom who is googling “I don’t want to be a mom anymore” to land somewhere that accepts and validates her feelings, and offers ideas for changing that mindset.

I want to offer the words “You’re doing just fine. Trust your gut. You know best what your family needs.”

I want to share a piece of my life with you.

I want to make it easy to see who the person I truly am, and the person who I want to be, are.

I want to step out of my comfort zone and push past my insecurities in order to grow, and to encourage you to do the same.

I want you to know that we’re all perfectly imperfect.


I want the world to be a little better – somehow, somewhere, for someone – even for just a moment.

That’s why I blog.


Why do you do what you do? Or what are your reasons for not doing what you don’t do? Sometimes your Not To-Do List can be as important, if not more than, your To-Do List.

What's it look like from where you're sitting? Leave me a comment.

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