Knit Bear Hat, Dinosaur Hat, & More Knit Hat Patterns for Babies & Kids

Knit bear hat for baby and kids knit hat patterns

Over the last few weekends I’ve been enjoying working on some knitting projects, the most recent being a knit bear hat and a knit dinosaur hat. They are seriously adorable!

knit bear hat for baby knit bear hat for baby

Knit Bear Hat & More Knit Hat Patterns for Babies & Kids

A fabulous book was gifted to me a couple years ago, with tons of patterns for knitting hats for babies and kids that look like animals, monsters, and other fun characters. As I’ve been knitting, I’ve been realizing how perfect these are for whipping up a quick and useful DIY costume for babies and kids 0 to 3 years old.

knitted dinosaur hat pattern
I gave away the knit dinosaur hat so quickly, I didn’t get a picture with it on. It looked amazing, though!

Before receiving the book, one of my husband’s coworkers had given a little knit hat reminiscent of Yoda from Star Wars, for our new baby girl. The pattern had come from the same book I was given, and I was excited to make more like it. All the patterns are close-fitting and cozy hats with attached collars, which kept our little one’s hat on and her neck warm. There are so many adorable knit hat patterns that could be used as DIY costumes for chilly Halloween trick-or-treating, or simply a fun hat to wear throughout the cool season.

yoda knit hat diy costumes for kids

One hat typically takes me a weekend of coziness on the couch, knitting happily away while sipping tea, watching my (nearly) 3-year-old play or enjoy artwork, or binge-ing on Netflix. They look complicated (I admit, I was slightly intimidated to try each one the first time), but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to whip up. Even the parts that have required a crochet hook (something I’m not confident with) have been quickly figured out. So long as you have a bit of a handle on the basic concepts of knitting, (and access to YouTube doesn’t hurt), you can certainly knit one of these.

Note: I always use needles a couple sizes up, as the recommended sized needles just seem to small.

sleepy bluebird knit hat for toddlers and babies

Thus far I have knit two bluebird hats (one 3-6 month size, one 2-3 year old size), a dinosaur hat, and the knit bear hat. I’m antsy to pick out the next pattern to tackle. You can check out the book, Monster Knits for Little Monsters.
*FYI: affiliate link*.

Oh my gosh, you guys! When I went to grab that link I see there’s a new version of this book out now, that has even more awesome patterns! Eek! Birthday gift, anyone? I’ll link to it here in case you want to get it for me – er, I mean – yourself: More Monster Knits for Little Monsters. *Again, affiliate link.*

Which one would you choose?

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