Lima: Our Family Travels Peru 2022

Lima love peru travel photography
Lima Love by Hannah Spray Photography

The first stop on our journey to Peru (after an overnight in Mexico City where we lost our passports and had an extremely stressful couple of hours luckily reclaiming them) was Lima.

All of these photos taken in Lima, Peru by myself: Hannah Spray Photography (with the exception of the last two night photos).

We booked a vacation rental in Barranco using AirBnB (FYI not sponsored, just sharing). This was one of the areas popular with tourists in Lima, next to Miraflores. It was the nicest place we stayed in Peru by far, in terms of the building and amenities. This included a pool and hot tub on the roof, with an incredible view of the seaside city.

Located next to a small park, we were happily surprised to find a little organic market set up the first day we woke up in Peru. It provided a nice opportunity to check out different local produce and goods (and churros). After this we strolled the streets, exploring the various markets, shops, and restaurants we came across.

If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend trying Isolina Taberna Peruana. The food scene in Peru (Lima specifically) is a big deal, and this was one of the delicious places you could try upscale traditional food that didn’t require a year-long waiting list to get in.

While we didn’t do much more than eat and browse on our brief stay in Lima before flying to Puerto Maldonado the following day, we enjoyed it. More to come from the end of our journey when we were back in Lima for an impromptu end to our travels in Peru.

Up next is our time in the Amazon jungle, so make sure you’re following my accounts and keep an eye out for that! Such an incredible experience that I’m very thankful we were able to have had.

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