New Years Intentions for 2018 & Last Year’s Self-Care Intention Recap

First of all, I need to set an intention to write the right goshdarn year when I write it. I just typed 2019 and felt all proud I actually got it, but I didn’t. It’s actually about to turn into 2018. 2018. Not 2014 as I originally wrote in my fresh, new bullet journal, either. 2018. Get that in your head, Hannah.

Let’s recap the last year of growth and intentions.

When the calendar was about to flip on over to 2017, I set an intention in mind for self care. My first thought on that is to think “Wow. Did I ever flop on that one.” But I’m trying to be kind to myself, so let’s go over this with a bit more kindness and a finer toothed comb.

This past year I did embark on some self-care discovery that I have to admit has bettered my life. Here are some of the ways I found I was capable of taking better care of myself.

Let go of others opinions.

Now, this was a tough one, and to be honest I still get caught up in the dark recesses of my mind from time to time, thinking that everyone out there is secretly talking mean about me behind my back, or that they are judging me and hating me in everything I do. But here’s the rub – even if they are, so what? (And I know that for the most part, at least, I have to be making this up in my head.) What does it help to dwell on it? Let it go. Let people think whatever they think, and don’t worry my little head about it one way or another. People who like me and my company will be around. Those who don’t won’t, and that’s probably the best situation, anyhow.

Make a commitment to remedy what ails me.

As time goes on I’ve realized I’m notorious for becoming overwhelmed with the problems in my life, especially when they are physical/health problems, and I have a tendency to push them aside and hope they go away or just accept them. This year I have been more proactive at dealing with the issues that come up. (Even if they are actually non-existent and only in my head, like the time this year when I was all freaked out that we had to have lice because everyone around us was getting it, so I made all three of us treat for it. There was not a single louse or nit in our hairs when we combed them all out, but at least I felt better for knowing we were free of them.)

It feels really good to take care of myself this way, rather than sitting there fretting with an impending sense of doom for falling apart. In the New Year, I have bigger plans in this regard, that involve a personal trainer and actually setting foot in a gym (something I haven’t done since that first year in university when the gym overlooked the basketball court and my timing was impeccable for watching fit young men prance around out there).

Take time to do nothing.

Simple Self-Care Tips

This year it’s really been drilled into me how important it is to do nothing. To sit there and simply take account of myself and my surroundings. To really tune into how my body and mind are feeling. To be present and think more deeply about what actually needs to be done, and what is okay to let go. To sit and focus on nothing but a hot cup of tea and snuggling my daughter (here is a great strategy that worked for me to pause and tune in more often). It’s amazing what you can notice when you take time out of the days (which will always be busy right now, you have to pause and make it happen) and simply let your brain take stock.

Bullet Journal-ing

This year I successfully carried through the entirety of with a bullet journal by my side. It was the first time trying this way of journal-ing, and I found it highly effective for keeping my brain all in one place, in the most organized way I have experienced so far. (I thought I had written about my bullet journal-ing process, but apparently that’s still sitting in my drafts folder. Stay tuned!) This year I’m going to try to get a little bit more into it and start using the bullet journal to write more beyond simple to-do lists and plans, and start incorporating more heart and soul-searching into it. I’m excited to see how this progresses.

So maybe I have learned and grown in regards to self-care this year after all. That’s the nice thing about thinking positively – there’s usually a lot of good and a lot of growth to account for out of any situation.

While I move on to new intentions for the coming year, I don’t want to let go of continuing to grow in self-care. As I set sights on what I want to achieve in 2018, I’m still very much keeping in mind how I will care for my self.

My 2018 Intention – Define and Refine

I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about what I will set me intentions on this year, and have decided that I will focus on “defining and refining” in many areas of my life. I’m learning a lot lately about who I am in the now, what I like, what I don’t, what works, what doesn’t, who I enjoy being around, who brings me down, what my talents are, and where my challenges lie. I was to continue to define and refine my goals and strategies to be a better me at my work, in my home life, in my community, as a parent, and as a person.

In 2018 I want to draw my focus to still being open, but also more clearly understanding and defining my preferences, needs, habits and ways of life. I figure as I more clearly define who and how I am in the world, I can begin to create better habits and mindsets that allow me to flourish in my choices and priorities. I can continue to remove the excess and the negatives, and invite more joy into my life. I can choose to say goodbye to what doesn’t serve me, and instead surround myself in the activities, work, people, and surroundings that genuinely make me a better person.

So. What does the new year of 2018 hold for you?

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year, all you wonderful people!

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