Making Space For Out Of This World Lunches

planetbox rover review giveaway

The following is the story of how we came to use a PlanetBox Rover kit for packing lunches and snacks, and what we love about it. There’s also a sweet giveaway at the end, so make sure you read all the way down and enter for your chance to win a PlanetBox Rover kit for your very own!

PlanetBox Rover Review

Over the last year I’ve been simplifying my life. It all started when I picked up a book, and found myself defining my vision for life and purging everything that didn’t fit. When everything was cleared out, I began to see more easily what I did and didn’t want in my life. I began looking to replace items with others that are most useful to the life I want to lead. Items that actually make me squee with glee to have and use them. You know that feeling when you put on that outfit that always makes you feel like a superstar? I wanted that feeling with all the things – elating joy. I know it seems silly to think about finding kitchenware or dryer balls that fill you with joy, but if you figure out what makes you happy and find the right tool, you’ll know what I mean.
Planetbox rover review and giveaway

One of the areas of my life that I saw was not bringing me any joy was the packing of lunches. This past fall I started back to work as a preschool teacher. I also started sending (actually, bringing) my daughter to preschool for the first time, as well as sending her with another family once a week. Packing lunches suddenly became a necessity again. Only, this time, I couldn’t just grab a sub on my way to work, or walk over to the gas station on my lunch break for a coffee and doughnut. Now, lunches have to be healthy, and I have to find the motivation and inspiration to pack two. This situation caused new problems with packing food to go, and amplified previous issues.

The problem with packing lunches:

  • Boring and uninspired – Packing lunches isn’t everyone’s first choice for evening past-times. It certainly doesn’t help any when you don’t have the proper supplies, let alone ones you like.
  • So much waste – To make the whole lunch-packing scenario smoother, I’d grab pre-packaged snacks. This means lots of trash, and often more processed foods.
  • So many dishes – The hodge-podge of mismatched plastic containers, the majority of which were not dishwasher safe, meant a constant pile next to the sink. No one likes washing all those plastic containers every day.
  • Portion control – Small humans call for small portions. Unless I cram everything together in big containers, or give far too large portions to my 3-year-old, I had to hunt for a bunch of tiny containers. When it came time to unpack, this compacted the too-many-dishes situation.
  • Toxins in containers – Research shows that toxic compounds found in plastic can cause all kinds of health problems that range from cancer to infertility. I don’t want to increase exposure to toxins for myself or my husband, and especially not for my growing daughter.

Clearly, the disorganized way of packing lunches simply wasn’t working for me. I started to look around at the options for simplifying the lunch-packing process. I wanted this routine portion of my days to be more in line with the newly-defined way I live my life. On my quest for a better solution to our snack-packing needs, I landed on the online shop for an eco-friendly store based in Toronto: The Ninety Ninth Monkey. This shop is the exclusive Canadian shipping retailer for PlanetBox lunch box systems, which satisfied all the prerequisites I had for to-go food containers.

PlanetBox Rover: Our Stellar New Lunch Kit

Planetbox rover review and giveaway

Here’s what I love about our PlanetBox Rover:

  • It’s motivating

    I’ve been packing our new PlanetBox Rover Kit for my daughter over the past couple months. I still enjoy filling up that beautiful container with a beautiful variety of foods. There is certainly something to say for aesthetics, and this handsome-looking quality lunch kit definitely sparks joy for me.

  • Reusable

    Being able to reuse the same container over and over saves the planet, saves money, and saves running out of baggies.

  • Non-toxic

    I had my sights set on stainless steel, to stay clear of toxins from plastic. Looking into PlanetBox line of products, I was amazed at the level of attention they’ve put into ensuring that toxins stay out of the equation. I’ve got my eye on a few more products, like the BottleRocket water bottle, and the JetPack back pack once my little one is busy at the “big school”. (Read the product descriptions on those – you will be impressed.)

Planetbox rover review and giveaway

  • All-in-one packing

    I simply love not digging around for different containers, and not having to hope the entire collection, with lids, comes home. Instead of having to collect, unpack, and hand-wash every piece, I can simply grab the PlanetBox to pack, then easily wash up the quick-to-clean stainless steel container at the end of the day. Having everything kept together also helps my 3-year-old be more able to see all her choices, and has led to her eating more and more variety at snack- and lunch-times. In this way, I myself can more easily see what food groups I’ve packed and what I might need more of. The all-in-one packaging also makes pulling out the leftover lunches for a quick afternoon snack a snap.

  • Perfect portions

    Instead of sending too much food, or large containers that are only one quarter full because that’s the smallest container we had, I just fill up each part of the PlanetBox with small quantities of different foods. If I want to divide the compartments up into even smaller portions, I can use the silicone pods. We’ve had a lot less food wasted this way. One of my favourite parts of my PlanetBox has been the Small and Big Dippers, which are separate containers for dips, soups, crackers, or whatever you want to keep air-tight from the rest of the food. These are the perfect sizes for my little, fit right inside the PlanetBox, and are super cute.

Planetbox rover review and giveaway

  • Dishwasher safe

    Finally replacing our old dishwasher with a new, working one, I have come to entirely appreciate this time-saving machine. I’m thrilled that I can pop our PlanetBox containers in. That being said, I have hand-washed the container more than it’s been in the dishwasher, simply because it’s so easy to quickly wash out the single container in the sink.

  • So many options

    The PlanetBox lunch kits are incredibly personalize-able. Not only can you choose from the three different types of lunch kit with different container shapes, sizes, and arrangements, but there are a plethora of different magnets to decorate the outside of your PlanetBox. You also have choices of carriers for housing your lunch kit, including the Pocket Bag that we have. I’ve been loving this bag, as it has spaces for the small fork and spoon set, and the cold pack inside the large zippered compartment. There’s also a large pocket on the front that fits many different things, and a water bottle pocket.

Planetbox rover review and giveaway

Making changes in what we own for better quality and a greener, healthier lifestyle has been a game-changer for the satisfaction I feel on a daily basis. Of all of the swaps I’ve been making for products I actually love and use, the PlanetBox lunch system is a serious favourite. If you’re looking for a better option for packing lunches and snacks – for yourself or your littles – I highly recommend you take a look at what PlanetBox has to offer you. (And if you get your school on board, The Ninety Ninth Monkey offers fundraising sales for students, where 10% of the orders go back to the school. They also offer group discounts!)

Planetbox giveaway

Enter the Giveaway for a PlanetBox Rover Kit!

Because The Ninety Ninth Monkey is so awesome, they have offered to give one of you lucky readers a brand new PlanetBox Rover kit, which comes with a Big Dipper, Small Dipper, Draw-It-Yourself magnets, and a Black Pocket Bag. This basic kit is perfect for children and adults alike. Giveaway open to Canadians 18+. More on terms and conditions can be accessed within the Rafflecopter entry form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy packing, and happy snacking!

Planetbox rover review and giveaway

Disclosure: While this post and the Planetbox Rover giveaway has been sponsored by The Ninety Ninth Monkey, all of the above opinions and experiences are honest and my own. I love to collaborate with brands and businesses that are in line with my desire to make leading a simple, healthy, “green” lifestyle easier and more enjoyable, so that I can share them with you. You can take a look at my full disclosure statement here.


65 thoughts on “Making Space For Out Of This World Lunches

  1. Sarah Scott

    I want a planet box! I want it so bad! We have some different bento box style lunch containers, but this one is like the next level up and I want it! Love your minimalist friend Sarah. ahem.

    1. Hannah Post author

      Thanks! Some days it all gets eaten (rare), and others nothing does. Le sigh. Always keeping me on my toes!
      The Piggy Paint nail polish is awesome! You can try some of our colours one day and see how you like them!

  2. Tara Betterley

    I would go for the PlanetBox! I had no idea that this store was so close to my home.. I am going to have to go check it out!

  3. Breanna Proudfoot

    I would love to send my daughter to school with this lunch box! I’m sure making lunch would be so much more fun.

  4. Julie

    I’m a fan. I have a lot of Bento Box at home (2 in metal), but really this one is way over my expectations! Cute and practical! I love to prepare lunch with a nice container, it’s always more inspiring (for me anyways)!

  5. Anna D

    I love planet boxes! My Daughter has been using her rover for two years now and it still has many years left! I’d love another rover for my son who will start JK in September 🙂

  6. Sherrie

    Am a nurse and have been packing lunches for myself, hubby and kids for 30 years. Would love the planetboxes for all of us

  7. Julie

    Those Planetboxes are awesome, I’d love them! And so would my kids! My daughter would also really like the Piggy Paint!

  8. Kristy

    I’m lucky enough to live close enough to the 99th monkey to visit! I’ve bought several eco-friendly products from their store. I love the cloth diapers they carry but I would really love one of these planet boxes for my daughter. She is in JK.

  9. Cecile

    I love everything about the Planet Box and all the accessories that they come with it. It makes making lunches easy and fun. My kids eat so well when I pack their Planet Boxes! I need 2 more for my other kids… so they can all have one. Fingers crossed!

  10. Journeys of The Zoo

    Checking out their products is like me being in a candy shop! I would love any of their stainless box sets! Interesting to see the variety of products they offer like a knot genie (which my daughter needs!).

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  11. Nancy T

    I would love love love a couple PlanetBox kits…I’ve been coveting them for a few years now and after reading your post I think I’m going to ditch all the containers and simplify our lunchtime routine.

  12. Nicole

    I’ve wanted a PlanetBox forever!! Thanks for the giveaway – I would definitely order the Rover. Fingers crossed….

  13. Dayle B.

    I would like to order Go Green Insulated Lunch Box Set, looks well designed and colroful.
    I would love to snag this amazing lunch planet box for my grandson. thanks, for the review
    very informative and handy to use too.

  14. Alana LeSueur

    I would absolutely order a PlanetBox for myself and my husband… great for travelling, whether it be on an airplane or in the car…love love love the design, along with portion control, but still a spot for “Dessert” so that one does not feel deprived.

  15. Brenda Lacourciere

    I would get the planet box although all of their products look amazing. I like the cutlery and the thermos containers.

  16. hez15

    I love the Planetbox and have always struggled with the fact that my childrens lunches get squished in the soft lunch bags they use now a days. This lunch box would be amazing.

  17. Mary Dryden

    I’d love a planet box! My daughter is out of school but I still pack lunches for work, they look really fun to pack

  18. Julia

    100% would get s planet box live box. My son starts school in September and this lunchbox is by far the best option for green, customizable lunches. He loves nibbly types of foods (cheese/meats/crackers/dried fruits etc) and this is the perfect lunchbox to suit his needs. Fingers crossed and thank you for the opportunity.

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