6 DIY Hacks and Ideas to Renovate Your Kitchen

kitchen diy ideas renovation

The following article is a guest post, written by Alyssa Winters. On her website, Top Reveal, you can find a lot of different tips, hacks, and ideas for your home and household. Today she is sharing with us some kitchen DIY ideas for less expensive and easier-to-handle kitchen renovations. Seeing as my family has recently renovated our kitchen (and is still working on completing the final pieces – specifically our backsplash and pantry), I find these ideas and tips especially interesting. I hope you can draw inspiration from them, too. Enjoy!

kitchen diy ideas and hacks

It is a fact that renovating your kitchen area can cost you a fortune. Some homeowners tend to spend tens of thousands just to renovate their kitchens. It is indeed a factor in creating a great place to cook, but thankfully you don’t need to spend tons of cash just to arrive to a desirable and sleek-looking kitchen.

Now, by following these 6 do-it-yourself hacks and ideas, you may renovate your kitchen into a greater looking one:

diy kitchen reno

1. Get Creative With Your Backsplash

There are a lot of backsplash choices made available to different markets today. However, these backsplashes are too costly. The good thing is that you may use different photo frames and the like as your backsplash. You may insert in these frames your favorite recipes or favorite photos of foods or cuisine that may serve as an inspiration to your cooking habits.

diy kitchen diy reno

2. Add More Storage

Adding more storage to your kitchen is wise. Not only you are giving more space to your cooking and food preparation area, but also you are adding a new taste to your kitchen appearance. You may add hanging pot holders or magnetic wall-mounted holders for glasses and knives. Just make sure that everything you add will complement the overall appearance and look of your kitchen.

Spice racks for kitchen diy ideas to make your kitchen look nicer

3. Decorative Spice Rack

The spices and condiments section is often large in volume. In addition, the bottles and containers of these spices and condiments can be quite different from each other. In renovating your kitchen, consistency, uniformity, and organization are the keys to having a new look. You can use your old jars or mason jars as containers for your spices, herbs, and condiments. Placing them on racks and stands will also add decoration to your kitchen.

kitchen diy ideas

4. Remix Your Pantry

Alongside the uniformity and consistency, add a little spice and new look to your kitchen by mixing up pairs and areas such as your pantry. Your pantry is your huge storage that holds a lot of ingredients and tools for your cooking habits and chores. By organizing all of these ingredients and boxes inside, and remixing the looks and designs, you will give an extraordinary look to your old pantry that will surely be adored by your friends and visitors.

simple ideas to reno a kitchen diy

5. Add Plants

Plants and herbs are a great decoration to add to your kitchen space. It makes your area a lively one and caters more life to the environment. While growing herbs can be useful to adding to your dishes, you might include ornamental plants too. Using small pots and creative pebbles to be mixed with the plants, it creates an appearance that gives life to your kitchen.

kitchen diy ideas small budget

6. Paint the Backs of Shelves and Cabinets

This is hugely recommended for cabinets and shelves that have glass or otherwise transparent doors. Painting the back sides will create an illusion outside that uplifts the overall appearance of your shelves and cabinets.

Creatively, you may opt to use cardboard and cutouts as a background instead of paints. It’s up to you and your personal tastes on how would you design it.

In totality, these simple yet creative hacks given will surely enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Give it a try! You may even use these ideas as inspiration for your own and get creative, making for a more personalized for a fresher looking kitchen that will surely be loved and admired by many.

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