Power Ball Snowballs

Protein power ball snowballs

Protein power ball snowballs

Life is busy. Even before babies it can be hard to pile everything you want to get done into a day, but then after? Forget about it. Sometimes making each day full of special moments together with your little one means getting creative with how to tie fun in to necessity. During my December’s Toddler Advent(ure) Calender, for example.

So, for any one else who’s embarked on an advent Calender for kids with activities rather than physical goods (or really any parent in any situation that wants to do more with their little), I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to go overboard with your plans. Not every day needs to be the trek of a lifetime, or an immaculately crafted heirloom. Special moments can happen in ordinary circumstances.

The following recipe is one such example of how to make life easier as a mama, papa, or otherwise loving caregiver (particularly around the holiday season). I ended up killing two birds with this stone (by the way, I’m not find of that saying): making easy-grab, healthy snacks for the munchkin, and doing some fun “Christmas” (non)baking together. Actually, that’s three things if you count motivating myself to actually do any sort of food prep. (I don’t kitchen well.)

So. Here’s how you do it.

protein power snowballs

Protein Power Ball Snowballs

Step 1: Make Protein Power Balls with your little munchkin. Let him or her help with as much as they can. Maybe throw on some Christmas music.

Step 2: Roll in coconut (one of my usual ways to finish off the power balls) and call them “Snowballs” instead of Power Balls.

That’s it. Really complex, right?


Do you have any simple hacks for making the holidays easier? I’d love if you shared them.

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