Salt Spring Island – A Photographer’s Dream

picturesque salt spring island

picturesque salt spring island

I love this island.

Salt Spring is a magical place. It’s a beautiful mash of community, individuality, and natural wonder.

Yesterday I bombarded my Instagram followers with pictures of Salt Spring awesomeness. If you’re not already following this account, you should be (that is, if you like to see snapshots of early learning fun, adorable cuteness, nature’s beauty and Salt Spring Island life as I know it).

It’s impossible not to find something worth capturing, that even looks good in a toddler-chasing rush using a smart phone camera. Here are some shots from today.

Ganges marina Salt Spring Island
A sunny day over Ganges’ marina.


Ganges Marina Salt Spring Island
Under an Arbutus tree
salt spring island herbs
Buying some herbs from Natureworks health food store.


spring on salt spring island
Blue skies and daffodils blooming signal spring has sprung.


salt spring island playground
Childhood thrives on Salt Spring. (Read more here)


salt spring island sheep
Ewe are beautiful, Bon Acres sheep.


And that’s just one day.

Now, I’m no photographer, but Billie Woods of Billie Woods Photography is. I couldn’t write about Salt Spring and photography and not mention this fabulous lady.

A born and raised local islander, she never ceases to amaze me with her talented eye for beautiful shots. We were so thrilled with her work when we found her to take care of our wedding photography (which was stunning! – more on that another day), that we had to have her document my amazingly large maternal belly, and memorialize our precious and tiny little newborn. I can’t wait to book our next shoot with her, as well. Soon, very soon (if she can squeeze us in).

salt spring island wedding photography
Billie helped me bring my ideas for photobooth magnificence into reality at our wedding.


pregnant belly sky
A favourite from my maternity shoot with Billie Woods.


newborn baby on arm
So thankful Billie captured this before our little munchkin grew so quickly!

If you want to find out more about Salt Spring Island, you can find an entire category of my Salt Spring Island posts here.

*Note* This is not a sponsored post. Billie Woods is a fabulous photographer, and I am thankful of how kind and amazing she has been to work with, so I simply want to share her talents with you. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

7 thoughts on “Salt Spring Island – A Photographer’s Dream

    1. Hannah Post author

      Not as far as I know, Cathy! I do know that photographers put pictures from their really expensive cameras on IG, though, so I wonder if there isn’t another way?

      1. Hannah Post author

        Oh! And anytime you want to take a look at my recent photos, you can click on the little Instagram link (looks like a camera) in the header of this blog. I’ve also recently added a direct feed of my latest 5 photos to the sidebar, as well.

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