Salt Spring Island Pumpkin Patch Picking 2020

corn field salt spring island photography

This year’s trip up to the Bon Acres Farm pumpkin patch included an extra special treat. For the first time since we’ve been going up there, there was a small corn field left growing next to the pumpkin patch. (You can read about our previous adventures to this local Salt Spring Island pumpkin patch here from our trip a couple of years ago.)

salt spring island pumpkin patch bon acres farm

Among the corn field were cut a few small pathways that allowed for strolling with my little lady or my photography clients, snapping some beautiful shots of the golden fall colours and smiling faces.

salt spring island pumpkin patch bon acres farm

Here are some of my favourite personal shots from this pumpkin patch this year.


salt spring island white pumpkin patch photography

salt spring island pumpkin patch photography

salt spring island pumpkin patch photography

pumpkin patch salt spring island

Demonstrating the size of pumpkin Little Miss Ziggity was after on this pumpkin picking trip.

Even though you can’t really make out any pumpkins, this one above may be my favourite of all of this whole pumpkin patch snap session.

Those eyes! I’m always going to be amazed at these baby blues coming out of our two sets of greens.

If you’re interested in checking out any more of my photography, you can find that section of my blog here. You can also check out my (at this point in October 2020) very outdated photography website here. The most recent photos get shared on Instagram and Facebook the quickest, though, so follow those for the most consistent updates.

Thank you for taking the time to view this page and let me share my photography journey with you. Contact me via email if you’d like to chat about having me capture something that matters to you through my lens. Until next time!

<3 Hannah

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