Our 2018 Salt Spring Island Pumpkin Patch Adventure

salt spring island pumpkin patch

It’s that time again! Pumpkins are rolling in in loads at the local grocery store, headed straight down from Bon Acres Farm and our favourite (slash the only) Salt Spring Island pumpkin patch where you can pick out a pumpkin to bring home.

For more background on this awesome farm, it’s kind owner, and our past pumpkin patch adventures, check out last year’s pumpkin patch post. This year I’ll keep it short and sweet and largely visual. (Make sure you check out my photography section of this website, and pop over to my Hannah Spray Photography Facebook page to check out my recent photoshoots and like my page, if you feel like you want to! Oh yes, and of course there’s always instagram!)

And if you’re hoping to head up to the pumpkin patch for the full experience, you better get up there soon! Wait too late and you’ll be met with only a few rotting carcasses of pumpkins who have seen better days. Don’t miss it!

salt spring island pumpkin patchsalt spring island pumpkin patchThanks for reading! 🙂

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