September 2017 Through My Lens

September 2017 came and went, and with it the start of a new school year, the official change of the season, and the Fall Fair here on Salt Spring Island. My camera didn’t come out nearly as often as it did in the summer, but there are still a number of photos I’m proud to share with you from September.

We enjoyed a sunrise fishing trip. One of the last of the season.


Walking to the Fall Fair with her Dad.

Not a great focus, but I caught her coming down the bouncy castle slide she was thrilled to get to go on all by herself this year.

Finding treasure in the sand pit. As my hubby suspected, hiding candy in the sand was not a great idea. Oh, the grit.

Playing a tossing game.

Getting her face painted. She asked for a green sparkly kitty.

Another must-do was get a balloon.

And of course we had to get her to spin the wheel. She won $10 to buy anything from Country Grocer she wanted. She opted for gummies and a parfait.

Her first experience with cotton candy. It’s safe to say she liked it. (I also found myself snapping a lot of shots of the fluffy pink experience.)

Leaving the fair, balloon in hand and cotton candy in the belly.

I planted amaranth this year. It was beautiful, and yielded quite a bit of amaranth grains.

I had great plans of harvesting and using the grains, but after a half hour of gently rubbing a couple of stalks of one plant left me with very little grain and the scarring memories of touching multiple spiders and earwigs, I decided it was an ornamental plant after all.

Can you see some of the tiny spiders? The bowl of harvested amaranth was crawling with them. No wonder there’s so much protein in these kinds of grains…

The last summer harvest.

Welcome to her restaurant.

My big little girl, waiting for her friend to pick her up for a day of fun while her mama stays home sick. Feeling thankful for my tribe!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for September 2017. If you want to take a gander at some of the best of my past photos, pop on over to my photography page. I’m in the process of removing, re-editing with my new software, and uploading so I can finally get some images up for sale. Soon, friends, soon! If you see anything you’d like to have on your wall or otherwise in print or digital form, let me know and we can sort it out.

What did your September look like? I’d love to see some photos from your perspective. Comment below with links to your own photo logs, or share a photo on my Facebook page or to my Twitter feed, or tag me on your favourite Instagram photo (I’m there as @hanspray).

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