So Long, Salt Spring, It’s Been Swell – Going Unplugged

Leaving salt spring island

Leaving salt spring island

Well, it’s official. As I write this, I am packing my bags and organizing our plans for getting off this island. I don’t look forward to the long journey, but being there will be a welcome change of pace.

Where we’re going, there isn’t electricity. No phone, no internet, and even running water is only available half of the year. It’s accessible only by boat.

And I couldn’t be more excited!

If you’re a Salty dog, too. Don’t worry. We have no plans to leave our beloved little home on Salt Spring. We’re spending the Easter long weekend up at a cabin we are so lucky to be welcome to stay at on the Sunshine Coast. (Also, did you get the memo that it’s April Fools Day today?)


going unplugged on the Sunshine Coast


I love being out of touch with the rest of the world up there. It’s always like a reset button. There is nothing else and no one else but yourself and your family and what’s really there right in front of you to focus on. Instead of surf the net, we’ll bob on the ocean. Instead of reading web pages, I’ll sink into a book. Instead of watching TV, I’ll watch my daughter play with her great-grandparents.

So forgive me while I’m off living in the moment. Go outside, or snuggle up inside with your family, too. Let’s all take the long weekend off from the online world and get ourselves realigned with the here and now. Even if this weekend isn’t possible for you, I hope you can make a plan to do so soon. It’s amazing what a little “going unplugged” – without the distractions and extras – can do for a person.

Where do you get unplugged? Do you have the self-control to completely unplug at home? For how long? Share in the comments below, or connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

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