Music Note: Broken Heart

How to play broken heart on ukulele

Hello there, beautiful people!

I’m sneaking in on the last day of the month to share this (slightly cheating) video of my cover of Eddie Vedder’s Broken Heart. Thanks to my buddy Luke for presenting me with the CD that inspired me to try this song!

This video blog is part of series of videos I’m taking and sharing as a push out of my comfort zone. You can read the initial explanatory post here, and if you want to check out my previously attempted songs, you can find January’s here, and February’s here.

Sorry, I’m not sure exactly where I learned this. I probably looked up chords on and looked up a you-tube video, but I can’t remember which one.

Enjoy, and I hope I’m inspiring some others out there to a) pick up an instrument and start learning and b) getting over their own fears of being seen and heard, and just having fun with music!


Sorry about the fumbles! Embracing my mistakes is part of the process!

Want to learn how to play guitar or ukulele yourself? Here’s how I taught myself to play these instruments, with lots of tips.

What should I learn next? Suggestions welcome!

2 thoughts on “Music Note: Broken Heart

  1. Misty

    I think it’s SO cool that you do this!! I have played music all my life, and recorded a demo album way back when I was kidless and carefree 🙂 I feel so inspired to finally start playing again!!

    1. Hannah Post author

      Oh, Misty! You just made my day!
      How cool is it that you recorded a demo album?!! Ah, to be kidless and carefree again, just for a day… or maybe a week. I’m glad I’ve inspired you!! Thank you for taking the time to comment! 🙂


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