The Glass Factory – Family Vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This past winter we needed to break up the cold, grey weather so we took a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for one week of sunshine, good food, and relaxation for a family vacation different from the usual 3-week excursions to travel around another country. While we typically love the time and activity of travelling while we travel and spending our time more immersed in the natural environment and a more culturally-rich experience, this easy and comfortable family vacation in Cabo San Lucas was just what we needed this time.

cabo san lucas fun for families glass factory mexico

While we were in Cabo San Lucas we did very little “touring” beyond walking around the area and eating at different locations. One of the two truly tourist-type things we did go out of our way to do was check out The Glass Factory, where artisans use ovens to melt bits of glass and turn them into objects of interesting shapes and uses by using different tools to blow and otherwise manipulate the glass.

I don’t know a ton about the technical process of blowing and forming glass that I haven’t already just given you, so I’m going to add very little commentary to these following photos of our visit to The Glass Factory.

the glass factory cabo san lucas flame test

One of the glass-blowing artisans held up a piece of paper to the newly created sculpture to show how hot it still was, causing the paper to burst into flame with contact.

cabo san lucas mexico glass factory family vacationmayan calander cabo san lucas mexico glass factory family travel

If you ever make it down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I highly recommend checking out The Glass Factory. Such a cool experience, and so many incredible pieces of glass art to admire and wonder at. Until next adventure! Thank for reading!

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