5 Things A Father Should Teach His Children

The following is a guest post. I love that direction is given specifically to fathers, to encourage them to take responsibility in raising their children to be successful and thoughtful. However, these ideas on things a father should teach his children can be useful for all parents and caregivers – not just fathers. Enjoy, and may you learn and grow alongside your children!

things a father should teach his children

Children often see their father as a superhero, someone who they aspire to be like. His every little action is observed and learnt by his little ones. Therefore, it is extremely important for dads to remember that and keep teaching their kids something new and knowledgeable in one or more ways each day.

Here are the 5 most important things every father should teach his children. Be a mentor to your kids by teaching them these little skills that you might just often ignore.

5 Things A Father Should Teach His Children

5 Things a father should teach his children.

Consoling a Person:

There will be times when your children will have to comfort a friend or a loved one who is ill or has just lost a family member. To make the event less awkward for your children, help them prepare a few words that would come from the heart. You wouldn’t want them to end up saying ‘it must have happened for the best’ as a condolence message.

Teach them to take care of their grief-stricken friend. They should try ways to comfort their friend by inviting him over to play or to go to the movies with your family. Such efforts of your kids will not go unacknowledged and will help strengthen their relationships.

Teach a Solid Handshake:

A solid handshake is a sign of confidence. It makes a great first impression as it is the first thing that a meeting begins with. Teach them to keep it firm and not too hasty. Maintaining an eye contact and a little smile are also essential.

Helping in the House Chores:

Teaching your kids to actively take part in the house chores is of great importance. This will keep them physically active and well-organized. A mother cannot always run after kids instructing them to make their beds and clean their mess. Therefore, help her in the kitchen and engage your kids along, especially on the weekends. This will eventually become a family ritual and improve the family bond.

How to be Financially Responsible:

Kids do not have the sense of spending money in the right place. It is your responsibility to teach your child how to spend money and save the rest. From a few bucks to a huge amount, they must know how to earn, save and spend money wisely. Make your kids financially responsible by assigning a small pocket money and later on politely inquiring where they spent it.

How to Resolve a Conflict:

The kids should develop an ability to resolve a conflict positively. Teach them how to address the opponent and show grace and humbleness on their part. Make your kids talk their siblings out when in a fight or argument. It is also of great significance to teach a child how to take a stand for themselves where necessary.

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things a father should teach his kids

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