Motherhood Secrets: Call For Anonymous Mom Confessions

Are you ready to spill your motherhood secrets?

Motherhood is so not what I imagined. The person trained and experienced in early childhood should have it together as a parent, right? That’s what i thought. Turns out raising a very young person is a lot harder when you’re with them all day every day, when they know all the buttons to push, and when you feel so wholly responsible for the kind of person they are showing themselves to be.

Open call for motherhood secrets & mom confessions

Lately, I’ve been realizing more and more the deep struggles and self-compromising (or entirely mistaken) choices we make i our parenting journeys. Inspired by PostSecret’s connecting and consoling force, I want to share something that makes moms (and dads) know that they are not alone.

No matter what you do, another parent has been there. We’ve all lost our tempers from time to time, or changed our minds about what we’d “never do”. There is such guilt in motherhood, and while it can drag us down, I believe it’s also important to recognize the points in our days that  wish had turned out differently, reflect and plan for change, and share with each other to remind us all that no, we are not the sh*ttiest mom in the world. We are moms that love our children deeply, and want to do our best by them.

And that best is always changing.

So spill it. Get those mom confessions and motherhood secrets off your chest. Use this link to get whatever your mama mind is fretting over off your chest anonymously. I won’t ever know who sent their responses through this anonymous form, but I would like to share them in a follow-up post, as a sort of motherhood solidarity to the fact that we all make mistakes.

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Every one of us. We’re all human after all.

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Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing your stories – good and bad. Good luck in this crazy journey we call life!

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Submit your mom confessions and motherhood secrets anonymously!

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