DIY Gifts for Kids – Personalized Playdough

DIY Gifts for Kids - Playdough

You know what makes for a perfect present? A gift that is enjoyable for the receiver, personalized, inexpensive and is just as much fun to make as it is to use. One of our favourite homemade gifts for the special youngsters in our life checks all those boxes, making for unique and thoughtful DIY gifts for kids.

Playdough DIY kids gift

My toddler loves any chance to help us work in the kitchen, so when I suggest we make playdough to present to our little friends on their birthdays or other special occasions, she pushes over a chair and hops right up to get to work. We use my favourite playdough recipe, which is no-cook, long-lasting, and non-toxic so as to be safe for young ones who can’t help but put some in their mouths. Together we measure, scoop, pour, stir and mix ingredients. She seems to love the way the dreamy flour feels as she sinks her hands into it, and we talk about each layer of ingredients as we add them to the bowl.

diy playdough

To personalize the playdough for our friends, we choose which colour to turn the playdough, and what other kinds of additives to add. Should we use sparkles? What kind? Should we make the playdough have a scent? What type of essential oil should we use to scent it? (If you use an essential oil to scent your playdough, make sure that it’s an oil that’s safe to use with kids, and that you’re only using a couple of drops. A little can go a long way! Dry Kool-Aid powders can also be added to achieve both colour and scent, as an alternative, although you might find these play doughs are more tempting to be put in the mouth.) I love that making DIY gifts for kids we know gives us the opportunity to talk about little Z’s friends and what they’re like, encouraging communication, language development and building on concepts of people and preferences.

DIY gifts for kids playdough

Once everything is mixed together, the final step is kneading the dough for an extended amount of time. This is essential to giving the playdough the right texture and making sure it lasts, and also offers a chance for my little to get some more enjoyment out of the gift we are giving.

Find a container or large zip lock bag to store the playdough, then wrap it all up in a reusable gift bag (saving on packaging here!) and head on out to that party.

DIY Gifts for Kids Playdough

Of course, if you’re strapped for time, but still want to gift a child with non-toxic playdough, this edible art supply store has some really neat just-add-water dry mixes for organic natural veggie dough that are sure to be a hit. (FYI: This is an affiliate link. Click here for my full disclosure policy.)

non-toxic playdough

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8 thoughts on “DIY Gifts for Kids – Personalized Playdough

  1. rachelkaly

    That’s awesome that you use essential oils to scent it! Great idea. The smell of regular playdough is just awful and who knows whats in it. This is great!

    1. Hannah Post author

      Awesome! There sure are a lot out there. I’ve even played with one with sand in it, at an early learning centre. It was certainly interesting!
      Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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