5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Face Care Regimen

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The following is a guest post written by Bobbi Peterson of Living Life Green. I have to say, I’m impressed with all that I learned here. I can definitely see myself using these simple and natural DIY tips for eco-friendly face care as I work on my 2017 intention of self-care (it’s been more difficult than I thought, so far – more on that later). So without further ado, I present you with Bobbi’s highly informative article.


5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Face Care Regimen

Many people are choosing to take steps to cultivate a more green lifestyle. Making the switch to an eco-friendly face care regimen from one consisting of conventional skin care product use is one of the first ideas that women take into consideration.


It’s difficult to turn away from the attractive claims of labels to prevent acne, reverse wrinkles and defy aging. Questionable ingredients in “fragrance,” problematic parabens and various dyes make labels less transparent and more scary. Luckily, there are eco-friendly ingredients, products and home recipes to help you redefine your face care regimen:

1. Simple Face Toner

To create a natural face toner, you’ll look to items in your pantry or grocery aisles with astringent properties, such as raw apple cider vinegar, lime juice or lemon juice. Since these are acidic, it’s best to dilute them with water.


Some people are also sensitive to some of these items, so you’ll need to spot test your toner formulation. Mix one part raw apple cider vinegar to two parts filtered water to make a simple face toner, and apply with soft pads, keeping the stinging mixture away from your eyes.

2. Cleansing Your Face

Do your grandmother proud and use this reliable face cleansing method — clean your skin with oil, specifically almond, coconut or olive combined with castor oil. Wellness Mama uses an oil cleansing blend of 75 percent sweet almond oil with 25 percent castor oil, rubbing a tiny bit of oil onto dry skin and massaging the face for a few minutes.


Use warm water on a hand towel to gently wipe your skin until the oil has dissipated. The result is super soft skin! Microfiber cloth, especially the kind with antibacterial silver woven into the thread, will also take off old dry skin, dirt, awkward food stains and makeup.

3. Removing Makeup

Microfiber works well as a makeup remover, but your pantry also has answers. Coconut or olive oil is excellent to remove even waterproof mascara with less scrubbing and in a few, brief passes.


For those with oily skin, use a few drops of liquid castile soap diluted with water to keep your skin balanced. Combine the powers of coconut oil and castile soap to make your own instant makeup removal pads. Add optional essential oils, such as antibacterial lavender, to further boost your natural skin care efforts.

4. Nurturing Anti-Aging Serum

Create your own homemade, moisturizing anti-aging serum with a natural source of Retinol — vitamin A, found in rosehip seed oil, which also has omega fatty acids. Rosehip seed oil is antioxidant-rich, repairing skin damaging and smoothing out fine lines.


This anti-aging serum is combined with other nurturing ingredients, such as apricot kernel oil and carrot seed oil, which are both rich in carotenoids that triggers skin rejuvenation cells. For each half cup of apricot kernel oil, add 20 to 25 drops each of rosehip seed oil and carrot seed oil.

5. Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

As of January 1, 2018, plastic microbeads will be banned in formulations for beauty and skin care as a result of a unanimous vote by the U.S. House of Representatives in September of 2015. There are natural alternatives to plastic microbeads, which are derived from natural, plant-based materials.

Eco-Friendly Face Care DIYs: DIY Face Toner, Face Cleanser, Makeup Remover, Anti-Aging Serum, Sugar Scrub

You can also create your own natural exfoliating products at home with simple solutions from your pantry. Make an exfoliating sugar scrub for your face by combining half a teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of raw sugar, adding a dash of fresh juice from a lemon. Mix and apply to your face with gentle, circular motions.

Making the switch to a sustainable lifestyle is full of rough adjustments, and the best way to begin is with your own personal care. By creating natural formulations at home, you know exactly where your ingredients come from and how they were sourced. Your skin will glow with thanks for your eco-friendly face care regimen.

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