What’s New In Hannah-land? April 2017 Check-in

This post is in no way planned out. I’m not going to insert links and edit photos, nor have I done my SEO research to figure out what keywords would help make this post more searchable. In fact, this post may not be useful at all to you.

Then why are you writing, Hannah?

mom hannah and Z

Well, as I look through my recent posts, I see plenty of useful and information-filled posts. I see bits and pieces of my life, and valuable insights from guest bloggers who have shared their words with us, but I feel like the “me-ness” has dropped out of the equation.

Not that that’s a terrible thing, really. I have decided to be more intentional about how I spend my time and I’ve been trying really hard to let go of some of the stresses in my life. This means less time and effort devoted to sharing myself with you while I figure out who I am, what I need, and where I’m going. To be honest, I have hummed and hawed about pulling out of this blogging thing entirely, but there really is something about this that I love, beyond the income I’ve been able to build through it. So, here I am.

As I continue to work out the kinks in my work/life balance, I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you what’s been going on in our lives recently. Because, well… I want to. And isn’t that enough?

Preschool Planning

Here’s some exciting news. After returning to work as one of the educators at a local preschool this past fall, I will be stepping up as program coordinator for the next school year. I’m a bit nervous about taking on more of the admin duties, and being the one who should have all the answers to families’ questions, but I’m also excited for the opportunity to take on a bigger role in the ECE community, and to shape the program in ways that fit more closely to my philosophies on being with children.


But for now, I am keeping busy working on planning, paperwork, registration, and filling the position for another ECE to join me in the program next year. Wish me luck!

Summer Work

In a very sad turn of events, my usual summer children won’t be joining me for our regular summer adventures this year. This family has grown to become an important part of mine and my little one’s lives, so we are awfully disappointed not to spend the summer frolicking with Z’s “summer sisters” this time around. Beyond the fact that we will miss their company dearly, this also leaves a gap in my income that I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to fill.


Plans are still in the beginning stages, but it seems most likely that I will be offering private childcare spaces for our summer adventures, as well as running some form of preschool program in the summer months.

I had also applied to run a movement program for young children through the rec centre, but as per Salt Spring Island fashion, I have not heard anything back. This may actually be a good thing, as I don’t want to spread myself too thin over the summer. I tend to take on too many things and the stress factor of everything is just not worth it. Maybe I’ll just save this idea for the future.

Spring Fun

With all this work and effort, balancing out my life with enjoyment and relaxation is important. While I have been busy, I have also made certain to practice self-care by ensuring opportunities to enjoy my life. In the past few weeks I’ve really gone and done that.
palm springs april 2017 aerial view

First was Palm Springs – a surprise trip my amazing husband sent me on all by myself with a very good friend (which I will be writing about soon).

hannah palm springs april 2017

Then last week, for the Easter Long Weekend, my lovely little family packed up and went to the family cabin on the Sunshine Coast to unplug and spend time together without the interference of technology, telephones, power, and wifi. It’s always a fantastic way to de-stress and to bond as a family.



family on the dock
Fuzzy and blurry, horrible pose. Not a great photo, but a memory with my silly family that I never want to lose.

Of course, in between these big adventures have been many smaller moments of fun and adventure with my growing girl (check my Instagram account for more of these). She wows me every day (among other emotions – 3 is a challenge to say the least), and it makes me so proud to see the person she’s becoming. (Most of the time.)

april 2017

mama hannah and z

While there is always more, that’s the main jist of things lately. What have you been up to? Feel free to leave me a comment, and if you have a blog to share, drop the link in the comments so I can check it out.

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Happy Living!

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