The Elevator Song: Songs for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers – Toddler Tuesday

the elevator song kids songs baby songs

the elevator song kids songs baby songs

Like the preschool, toddler and baby songs I’ve shared before, another popular kids song in our early learning groups is The Elevator Song.

This interactive kids song works really well one-on-one, so you can lift them up and down, but it can easily be altered for a group setting by instructing to stand up tall and crouch down instead. When my little Z was a wee baby, I would lay on my back and put her on my legs, lifting them up and down as I sang, for some face-to-face bonding and a bit of mama exercise. That’s one of the great things about spending time active with kids – my time playing often doubles as exercise. Hooray for multi-tasking!

You can learn this active song by following along with the video below, where my toddler Z and I enjoy it together. You can ignore the random piles of mess in my house, or take comfort that homes with children are generally messy, so if yours is, it’s alright.

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