Friday Five: More Family, Outdoor Fun, Subbing, and a Farewell

There are not enough minutes in a day, or days in a week! Ahhhhh! The beginning of November and start of an exciting break from the world of social media and internet is quickly closing in on me. I will make all of these best bits brief.


The Camera

So I’ve dug out the nice DSLR camera and have been using that far more often than it has been used lately. While it’s a tad more complicated to drag a bigger camera about, making sure it’s charged and the card is in it so we can actually use the thing, the pictures that come out of this handy little machine often turn out to be far better than anything I’ll ever snap with my cell phone. You can read about the realization and desire to switch here, and hopefully you’ll be able to see the change in the pictures I use in the upcoming months.

The reason for the initial grabbing of the neglected camera was a chance to play photographer for my friend’s maternity photoshoot. I had such a blast doing this, and I plan on writing a post all about what I discovered about photographers and photography, sharing my favourite shots from the day, but time is moving far too quickly. Please be patient with me!



fernwood dock with grandmas

Even MORE Family Visits

Just when we thought our visits were over, we were delighted to receive a surprise visit from some family we hadn’t seen in far too long. Ziggity was thrilled to be able to spend so much time enjoying the company of her Gigi (great-grandma), Papa (great-grandpa) and Grandma M. Even though I have to admit that all the social visiting and effort put into trying to make it seem like we’re not so messy is somewhat tiring, I would have it no other way.

hiding from grandma

Being able to spend so much time with such beloved family members over the last month has been a tremendous blessing. I want Z to grow up knowing all the wonderful family members in her life, and I feel like she’s off to a good start.



toddlers playing outsideBye, Bye, Buddy

This week marked our last week caring for Z’s newest little buddy. I can’t believe 6 weeks flew by so fast! Our time together was wonderful. It was very nice to be able to have another toddler who was so similar in temperament to little Z, whose presence offered many chances for learning social skills and emotional comprehension. We will miss our new friend, but hope to keep in touch and will undoubtedly be seeing her around our small little island.



fishing with dad at the lake

Soaking in the Outdoors

While the weather is getting chillier, our urge to get out into the great wide world of nature is not anywhere close to subsiding. Spending time outdoors has a magic effect on children (and adults), so the more we can be outside, splashing in puddles, dancing in the rain, sliding down wet slides, looking up at the trees, fishing at the lake, and piling up leaves to jump into, the happier we all are. So long as you dress for the weather, all is fine.

toddler fishing at the lake

If you’re looking for some activities to make the most out of this gorgeous Autumn season, you can find a bunch of ideas here.



strong start program

A New Subbing Experience

This week I was able to take an afternoon substitute request for a Strong Start program that I haven’t had the pleasure of facilitating yet. It felt lovely to be back in a classroom as an educator after a long summer without, and even though I wasn’t familiar with the space, being the fabulous Salt Spring community that they are, the parents were very helpful and friendly. The regular facilitator even came in before me to set everything up so beautifully, so there wasn’t a whole lot for me to get confused by (except for putting everything away at the end of the day, but I think I found at least semi-appropriate spots for most things).


How was your week? What awesome things did you get up to?

What's it look like from where you're sitting? Leave me a comment.

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