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It’s my blogiversary! One whole year has gone by since I started this blog. Fast and furious, the time has flown by, full of fun and frustration, happiness and discontent, and everything in between.

Even though I shared my blog publicly for the first time at the end of November last year, I pushed that publish button on my first post on October 23rd, 2014 (you can read that first post here, if you like). It took me a while to gain the courage to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences and ideas with the world, but I am so glad I came round to it. I feel I have grown so much in the way of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, opening myself up to others, and learning to live with the fact that not everyone will like what I have to say or agree with me, and that’s okay.

Beyond growing, I have saved away so many precious experiences and thoughts that would likely have faded away into the depths of my failing memory, had I not recorded them somewhere. Having this collection of memories to go back and draw from, as a sort of open diary of my recent life, is invaluable to me.

In honour of a year’s worth of blogging, I wanted to share with you my favourite posts that have been published in this past year. I know, there are a lot of them (33 to be exact). I pared it down as much as I could, then decided – to heck with it – I just have a lot of favourites. Take a peek, and if anything tickles your fancy, click on the links to laugh, cry, learn or otherwise (hopefully) be inspired by my words.


My Favourite Posts of My First Year Blogging


baby bump blogiversary

Before I Had a Baby (Ideals, meet reality.)


The One Thing All Parents Should Do


Why I Love Working with Children


Police, Poop, and a Very Berry Chirstmess – The Adventure Concludes (The final post in a series documenting a crazy adventure last year. There are links in this post to the rest of the series.)


How I Saved My Culinary Fail


grieving your perfect birth blogiversary

Grieving Your Perfect Birth


Words that Don’t Work with Toddlers


The Children of Salt Spring


I Found Something Terrifying in My Bed


Dear Mama, You’re Not the Only One


DIY meal planning board blogiversary

DIY Weekly Meal Planning Board


I’m an Acrobat in the Bedroom


I Get By with a Little Help from My Toddler


the best parenting advice - have fun

Am I a Good Mom? (This post that became quite wide-spread includes a quiz to see how you measure up as a mom.)


Breastfeeding Makes Me Feel Like a Gay Man


When Your Toddler Bites and Hits


swinging lifestyle community parenting blogiversary

Loving the Swinging Lifestyle


Raising an Only Child


The Time a Pack of Wild Monkeys Almost Carried Us Off in Our Sleep


Mourning a miscarriage

Mourning a Miscarriage


The Mistakes I’ve Made with My Toddler


I’m a Crazy Mom (and It’s Okay)


My Awesome and Embarrassing Bellyfit Experience


time out vs time away natural and logical consequences

Time Out or Time Away? Consequences for Children


Falling Off the Growth Curve – 7 Ideas for Sneaking in Nutrition


To the Person Judging My Stay-At-Home Mom Capabilities


How to make life easier with a toddler

How to Make Life Easier with a Toddler – 5 Strategies


How Do I Measure Up as a Parent?


I Don’t Want to Be Your Mommy Anymore


emotional mom blogiversary

Will I Ever Stop Being Such an Overly Emotional Mom?


The Best Parenting Advice – Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi


my konmari method closet purge

My KonMari Method Update: Decluttering My Closet


What I Really Think When I Find Out if You are Anti-Vaccines



What’s your favourite post?

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