Snuggles, Sushi, Sunshine and Dresses – Friday Five

toddler on a swing friday five

toddler on a swing Friday fiveLooking back on this past week, at first it felt like I haven’t done a whole lot. We haven’t left the house much for the usual play dates and fun adventures, but there have been a few short outings. I’ve realized that most of what I’ve accomplished has been organizing our home and myself, and trying to keep on top of the mess in our house. It’s been very much worth it, since I can see we all feel more relaxed and satisfied when we have a cleaner, clearer environment, with less cluttering the floors and counter tops. I’m hoping to do some more major KonMari-ing and organizing this weekend, so that this sense of calm and order can continue to find it’s way into our everyday life.

What else did we get up to this week? Here are those Friday Five favourite pieces.



Party Girl

We attended a birthday party for a special little toddler this weekend. As soon as Ziggity hears “Birthday Party”, she gets very excited, sings a few loud and enthusiastic rounds of Happy Birthday, and asks about cake. Pretty well as soon as she got her fancy party dress on (seriously, seeing her all dressed up in this fluffy dress made my heart swoon – could you get any more adorable?!) she hopped on up into the high chair in anticipation of cup cakes. This happened a few times. What, you want me to go hang out with these toddler things? No way, man, adults are far more fun and they’re hovering closer to the cake, so that’s where I’ll be.  



Dress Shopping

I felt honoured to be included in a good friend’s search for the dress she’ll be wearing to her wedding soon. The last time (and only times) I’ve been in a wedding dress shop was for my own impending marriage, and it wasn’t nearly as relaxing. I can see three reasons for this: 1) it’s a lot more relaxing to watch someone else try on gown after gown, not really invested in the actual choice, simply enjoying watch the pretty dresses float on by. 2) The dress shop was by far the most fantastic, beautiful, and relaxing gown shop I have ever been in, and the owner/attendant was totally relaxed and friendly, very unlike all of the hoity toity, rude and cold places I entered in the search for my dress (which I actually ended up designing with my friend and talented seamstress who made my perfect dress). 3) We were all drinking wine I need not explain any further.



Sushi Date

As soon as I mentioned to Z that I was taking her to the playground downtown to play, she suggested we pop into the sushi place for some tasty rolls. I’m pretty pleased my babe enjoys sushi, since it doesn’t take much convincing for me to agree to a sushi date. It makes my heart happy to sit contentedly at the counter with her, watching the passersby outside and salivating over a good yam roll. She even had her first lesson in chop-sticks!   [Four] Sunshine

This week we’ve had a bit of a change from the dreary cold rain and last weeks snowy surprise. The sun has been shining, and it definitely helps a girl feel more alive, awake and happy. I hope it sticks around for the weekend. It would be so nice to get out for a hike as a family – something we should be doing more of.



Cozy Snuggles

It seems we’ve picked up some sickly little bug over the weekend, with all those new-to-us germs running around at the birthday party in a foreign community we have no exposure to build up our defenses against. It’s been progressing in Z over the course of the week, and me and Dear Old Hubby G finally came down with the sickness yesterday. We’ve been making the best of a snotty and coughy situation by enjoying the snuggles that are a lot cozier and longer than they usually are on a wiggly well toddler day. We even picked up a new cozy robe for my tiny lump of sick toddler.


How has your week been?

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