I’m a Loser, Baby – And Proud Of It!

I'm a Loser, Baby
I'm a Loser, Baby
Aw, yeah. Big time loser right here. Check out those nostril hairs. The beauty of a fancy camera that captures all the details.

Fear of failure. It holds too many people back in so many aspects of their lives, every day. It held me back, too. Actually, to be perfectly honest, this is still something I’m working on, but since starting out 2015 with a secret motto of “funk it” (yea, you know that’s not the real word I used), I have to say I’ve made a lot of headway with putting myself out there.

Yep, 2015 was the year of leaving behind my inhibitions and my fears that I would be disliked, rejected, challenged and looked down on. There are so many things that have popped up in my life that I have asked myself “Self, dude, should we do this?”, only to push that sparkle of potential success down because of the negative “what ifs”. But when I started saying “Eff it, I’m just going for it”, and started doing the things that scared me, good things started to happen. Not only did I find myself having campaign applications and post submissions accepted, meeting amazing new contacts, and – best of all – hearing from others that my words were important to them, and touched them deeply.

One of the things I’ve always felt awkward about is talking about myself – especially when it revolves around what I’ve shared online. This past year of just going for it – doing, saying, singing, playing, writing and sharing what I feel I want or need to – has pushed me out of my shell to a place where I feel confident to be who I am openly. Yes, I still fail. Yes, I still wind up saying the wrong things. Yes, I still see improvements to be made. However, I’m so much more comfortable and happy in my own imperfect skin, sharing who I am with the world. I’m me, I’m here, and I’m trying.

[tweetthis]It’s better to be a loser than a spectator. – Garfunkel & Oates[/tweetthis]

I truly believe every person deserves to tell their story and share their uniqueness, no matter if it’s “the best ever” or an unpolished piece of an attempt at something. In stepping up to share my imperfections, to take a stab at things I’ve never tried, to put myself out there and say “I’d like you to consider this”, I hope to inspire others to be brave enough to be who they are. You are good enough, as you are now. You don’t need to wait for anything – to be “better looking”, have a better voice, better skills, better anything at all. We’re all always changing and growing, and to say that the value you give to the world for being exactly what you are right now in this moment is insignificant could not be any more true.

Do what you love. Try for what entices you. Give life a shot and be a freaking loser, okay?

Enjoy this little song from a show I’ve recently binge-watched on Netflix, which inspired this post. I hope it’ll help drive my point home. (Warning: there’s a naughty word in here – a**hole – for anyone watching with kiddos around.)

Can you think of a time you’ve been a “loser”, but are proud of for having stepped up at all? I’d love to hear your story. Trust me, it is worth sharing.

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