Unplugging On The Sunshine Coast

Unplugging at the cabin.

Unplugging on the Sunshine Coast

Just up from the shore, where the waves lick the rocky coast of the Pacific Northwest, stands a cabin that has come to be somewhat of a sacred place for me. This piece of British Columbian paradise draws me in, and it soothes my soul to simply be in this part of the world.

Seals on the Sunshine Coast - Unplugging

Perhaps that’s a big part of why this place on the Sunshine Coast so soul-filling. Beyond the undeniable beauty that fills every speck of where the immense mountains dip to bathe in the deep blue waters that are brimming with life, this place encourages a state of simply being. At the cabin, the stress and demands of the outside world cease to exist. There is no power, no phone, no wifi or cell reception to pull you away from living each moment planted in your body, experiencing life as it happens, without the urges and sense of responsibility that come with being constantly connected.

great grandma at the cabin

This is our world now. We have so many means of being instantly in touch with the thoughts, needs and questions of our best friends, coworkers, family members and acquaintances, that we seldom get a chance to completely ignore everything outside of our perfectly magical moment-to-moment existence. Technology has grown to be an extremely useful instrument for living the fast-paced and intricately interconnected lives of our society in 2016, our awe of this power to harness minds everywhere, to share and learn, teach and grow, impact and inspire. It truly is an amazing tool, no doubt. However, our excitement for the new way of doing things has pulled us out of balance and out of our lives.

Prawning on the Sunshine Coast

We’re all going to need to work on finding the balance and integrating both of our worlds – the reality of the physical world and our needs, enjoyments, and responsibilities within it, and our new web of connection.

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Solitude unplugging on the Sunshine Coast

So we unplug. We head on out to this place of solitude, where very few people are coming, going or staying. We start our fires. We make the walk to the outhouse. We sit on the deck or ride in the boat and let the power of this place soak into the very core of our beings. While we can’t stay unplugged forever, for those moments we are here, and no where else, and there is no where else we’d rather be.

Cabin on the Sunshine Coast

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