The Liebster Award Part 1: Fun Facts About Me

Liebster award

Have you ever heard of a Liebster award? Well, being that THE Patty of Positively Patty just nominated me to receive this blog award, I’m going to give you a quick low-down.


What’s a Liebster Award?

The Liebster awards are handed around by bloggers to other bloggers who are relatively new to the interwebs and, as such, don’t have the tremendous reach that some more established blog have. The rules vary significantly. Some will say the blogs need to have a maximum of 200 followers, and some grant a 2000 follower max. (I fall in to the school of thought that under 1000 followers sounds right.) Now, there are many ways to interpret this, too (Email  list followers? Social media followers? Creepy stalker followers?), so it’s not an exact science. It’s meant to share support to “the little guys”, so any way you look at it (to me), it’s pretty cool.

Okay, so you’re nominated. Awesome. Now what?

What To Do When You’re Given a Liebster Award

The pleased-to-be-awarded blogger (in this scenario, that’s me) writes a post on their blog (at would be this sexy little string of words you’re reading), and thanks the wicked cool blogger that passed on the nomination. Within this post, the blogger (i.e. Me) shares 11 random facts about themselves, and responds to the questions the nominator posed for their nominees, before nominating their own Liebster award recipients. Phewph! That’s a decent chunk of chatter, so I’m going to break it up into 2 posts to keep it shorter. I know you’re dying to know who my nominees are, and learn a bit more about me, so let’s jump on in.

Fun Facts about Me Liebster award

11 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I have had several nicknames ovet the years. Some of these are “Hanster”, “Banana”, and the delicately feminine “Hank”. (The Husband was trying to convince babe to call me the latter one last night. Not cool, dude. Not cool.)
  2. I’m going to turn 29 this year. I’m feeling pretty good about this achievement, but hanging on to my twenties with a choke hold, because…
  3. Change always takes me some time to adjust to. I often reject change automatically, then warm up to the possibilities. (Husband, you are wrong! That will never work. Oh. Okay, it works awesome. Carry on.)
  4. I grew up on the prairies. My childhood was spent roaming fields in the country, and my teens were mostly lived in the “big city” of Calgary.

    girl with autoharp
    Here I am, about the same age as little Z is now. Adorable, right?
  5. I wanted 3 children. Then I had one of my own. I’m happy sticking to the one.
  6. I believe mashed potatoes are a completely acceptable (and delicious) meal. I have ordered this at restaurants on numerous occasions. This caused some serious confusion one night on our Thailand adventure.
  7. I was home-birthed, and homeschooled in the country by my religious-hippie of a mom for the first 12 years of my life. I’ll never stop missing my mama.
  8. I’m actually fairly decent with a pencil and some plain white paper. I can copy pretty well any image this way, given enough time. I haven’t finished a drawing in over a year, though.
  9. My first instrument was the piano. My mom taught me, and then I took formal lessons. I even played for church during hymns. Now I’m a bit rusty, but I can easily get lost at the keys with a piece of music to tinker at.
  10. If I was born a boy, my name would have been Samuel, which means “gift of God” to my religious parents. Instead, I took Samuel’s mother’s name from the Bible, and became “Hannah”, which means “graceful”. There is a sad irony here, folks.
  11. I used to be in competitive roller skating (not speed inline skating, the old-school 4-wheel kind). It was only for a couple years, but boy, if I don’t imagine myself to be some sort of figure skating all-star. Except there’s that little problem with my clumsiness and complete lack of grace.

Are you vibrating with excitement and impatience to find out who I’m nominating? I’ll bet you are! (Oh, maybe you just need to pee. Or turn up the heat.) But… You’ll have to wait for Part 2 of The Liebster Award series. You can sign up for my newsletter here to make sure you don’t miss it. I’d love it if you’d connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, too.

2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award Part 1: Fun Facts About Me

  1. Joan @ mADDworld

    More things to learn about Hank, Hannah Banana (this nickname is a shocker and not expected at all!) or the playful Hanster! Piano, sure, but I love that you play the ukulele best of all. And, you would have been one of the only religious, hippy, natural bass a$$ roller derby chick? Who cares about grace!? That’s Awesome and speaks to the multi faceted personality you have become! Loved it!


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