The Liebster Award Part 2: Answers & Nominees

As promised, you sexy little readers, here is Part 2 of my 2-post series in acceptance of the Liebster Award I was nominated for by Positively Patty. You can find the first post here, explaining what the Liebster Award is all about, how to participate, and 11 fun facts about me.

Liebster Award 2


Are you ready? Alright, let’s do this!

Patty’s 11 Questions for Me:

  1. Four words to describe yourself?
    Fluttery. Natural. Empathetic. Fun.
  2. Who inspires you?
    The people who make eye-opening films and books that make you want to change the world, volunteers of any sort, bloggers who are always eager to offer advice and support, single mamas, children, my ECE coworkers (amazing women and mothers!!), authors (like my MIL who just wrote her first fairy tale book), travellers, musicians… So many phenomenal people in the world!
  3. Link your most favorite post you’ve ever written and tell us why its your favorite.
    The post that’s my favourite is the one I’m most proud of. It may not be my “best”, most useful, or most hilarious piece of writing, but it was one of my first posts that really emphasized why I need to write: to support other mamas and let they know that we all make mistakes and compromises, we’re all doing our best, and we’re all amazing despite our different parenting choices. Here it is: Am I a Good Mom? (with a quiz).
    good mom quiz
  4. What song is stuck in your head at this very moment?
    The Sleeping Bunnies song. I rarely get long enough without singing it to push it from my mind.
  5. What motivates you to blog?
    Oops. I guess I jumped the fun on this one. If you want more details than my answer to Question #3 provided, you can read a whole post on Why I Blog. The quick answer is “To change the world. Even one person’s world.”
  6. Have you ever had writer’s block and if so what do you do to overcome it?
    I could actually use a writer’s block. Every day I come up with new things I want to write about, but I don’t get enough dedicated time to straight up write. My drafts folder is up by the 100 mark right now, and there’s 5 other posts I have boiling in my mind at this very moment. I need a pause button for the clock.
  7. If you were to name three goals for your blog to achieve this year, what would they be?
    Goal 1: Push to an average of 8,000 monthly views (sitting at 6,000 now – I think I can, I think I can!).
    Goal 2: Partner with a minimum of 10 eco-friendly or family-focused brands. (*Cough* Like Sitka *Cough*)
    Goal 3: I would like to focus on posting more content involving early learning activities, family adventures, and parenting hacks.
  8. How long does it usually take you to finish a blog post?
    It varies big time depending on what the post is about. A simple recipe can be as fast as 30 minutes, start to finish, whereas posts that need more research, or involve images tailored to different social outlets, can take days to complete.
  9. What is the greatest achievement you have received as a blogger?
    Finding a tribe of fantastic human beings that inspire, inform and support each other.
  10. What three novels would you recommend to anyone because you couldn’t put them down?
    Uh oh. I don’t read a lot of novels anymore. I’m more of the true story and memoir type. But I’ll give it a stab in my own way here.
    The Girl with No Name is a true story that was phenomenal to read, about a very young girl who was abandoned in the jungle and raised by monkeys. Another book I couldn’t put down was The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, both for the ridiculous hilarity of some of it, as well as the perspective it gave me on my “things” and how to let go. I’m almost embarrassed to mention Hooked, which I read most recently. I couldn’t put it down and read the whole things in a matter of days (I’m a mom – that’s a huge deal), but it was somewhat… odd. The ending was especially weird, but it was set in Vancouver and there was a lot of foreshadowing that one might have thought would lead to something, but I guess it was a little over my head. However, could not put it down. (By the by, those are all Amazon affiliate links.)
  11. My favorite-What would you do at this moment, right now, if you knew without a doubt you would not fail? Start my own preschool or awesome early learner’s class of some sort. It’s been my dream since applying to take my ECE studies. Ah, to live the preschool life with my dream team again.

    preschool parachute parade
    Ah, the good old days.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for while I carry on about myself: the grand reveal. Here are the blogs I’m going to nominate. In no particular order…

11 Liebster Award Blog Nominees

  1. According to Amanda
  2. Like Mother Like Daughter
  3. mADD world
  4. Venison for Dinner
  5. Mommes Drink
  6. Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops
  7. Unrestrained Laughter
  8. Tales from the Poopdeck
  9. Campfires and Kids
  10. And What A Mom!
  11. One Beautiful Life

Liebster award

Questions for My Liebster Nominees

  1. Four words to describe yourself (I liked that one, Patty!)
  2. What’s your favourite childhood memory?
  3. Show us your favourite photo of late.
  4. What’s a handy social media tip you use?
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world – no obstacles – where would you go?
  6. Are you living the life you imagined when you were in school?
  7. What are you most proud of?
  8. What’s your favourite post? Link to it, please.
  9. Name 3 songs make you dance.
  10. What do you do really well (and enjoy doing)?
  11. What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend?

I’m excited to see what the answers may be. Also, full disclosure, I may or may not be using #9 to cushion my own playlist.

Thanks again for the nomination, Patty! This was fun!

Disclosure: Remember how I dropped a few sweet Amazon links to the books I mentioned? I’m an Amazon associate, so those are affiliate links that give me a small commission on sales made through those links. Just in case you wanted to boycott a gal for including opportunities to make a dime from my heartfelt efforts. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

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