Music Note: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

a dream is a wish your heart makes ukulele chords

a dream is a wish your heart makes ukulele chords

So I’m a little late posting this, but here you are: the new song I learned for April!

This post is part of a series I’m doing in order to push myself with some goals. You can read this post if you need some back story and explanation as to why I’m doing this, even though I’m certainly no master of the musical arts. You might also care to check out January’s song, February’s song, and March’s song.

As usual, this is my first attempt at recording this song cover. What you see is what you get, first shot, mistakes and high-pitching and all. Not because I don’t think you deserve the best, but because I think there’s enough “Hey look how great I am” in the world. You deserve to see something real.

Find the ukulele chords I used to play A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes here on

*Special Note* This song dedicated to my newest little niece, Mila Storm! <3 Welcome to the family, honey. (PS – You will notice I mixed up the date in this video. It was actually recorded on May 4th, not the 2nd.)

So there you have it. What did you think? Do you play ukulele? What songs are your favourites to play? I’d love some new ideas! Comment below, or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. If you’d like my style of unfussy, honestly and openly putting myself out there, subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more from my ukulele and guitar playing, Early Childhood Educating, motherhood navigating self.

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