Photography Favourites: July Through My Lens

Salt Spring Island July Photography

Whoah. I’m really late on this one, aren’t I? To be perfectly honest, I haven’t kept up well with my #365projectcanada goal of posting a pic from each day to Instagram. While there are many opportunities for sweet shot snapping during my Salt Spring Island July and the rest of this summer, I am finding I have so much on my plate (yes, let me vent about this yet again) that I can barely catch my breath. The nice thing is, it looks like our kitchen renovation will finally be complete in the next couple weeks, so that will make life so much easier. Watch for a post on how things are coming and what I’ve been learning through these renovations. Soon, baby, soon.

Salt Spring Island July Photography

In the mean time, let me share with you some of my favourite photos from last month. You can also go back and check out my favourite photos from April, May, and June. Most of these pictures are taken on Salt Spring Island, and reflect a West Coast life of childhood, nature, and little adventures. To find out more about any of the photos, click to view them and their full descriptions on Instagram.

My Favourite Photos From July 2016

Off Salt Spring Island – The Sunshine Coast Vacation

We spent the July long weekend at the beautiful cabin on the Sunshine Coast. Z caught her first fish, and we jumped in off the boat a couple times to swim in the ocean. Many wonderful memories were made.

Back To Our Home For A Salt Spring Island July

Z sure loves babies. Especially this one. It’s so beautiful to see her be so gentle and caring for the littler ones.

Impromptu skinny dipping with a new baby friend after a lovely hike to an ocean beach.

My wild Salt Spring Island child.

Feeding the sheep some maple leaves, a special treat.

Perhaps not the “best” shot, but I love that I was able to grab a quick shot of this girl loving learning to jump on the trampoline. If we had one, she’d be out there all day every day.

Low tide at Vesuvius.

A sunset picnic and paddle board at the beach. Another perfect way to spend your Salt Spring Island July days.

Salt Spring Island July Vesuvius Beach Salt Spring Island July Vesuvius Beach

Tickles and snuggles for her Dad. I love watching their bond.

All dressed up in her party dress for her friend’s birthday party.

We love walking through the disc golf course, watching Daddy play and throwing her own discs, too. She’s getting pretty good at tossing them!

Z’s “Summer Sisters” have a rope swing on the beach at their house. This little acrobat could swing there forever.

Being buried in the sand has become another favourite past-time.

These sexy little berries became blackberry jam. I may have maimed myself making it, but I wrote down the recipe (and my kitchen whoops) so you can read it here.

Salt Spring Island July Deer

And the last shot from our Salt Spring Island July, but certainly not least. I will send you on your way with this shot from our backyard visitors. Every time we go outside it seems there are deer grazing, sleeping, or playing on our lawn. These little babies run and jump around, being adorable and forcing me to sneak down onto the lawn with them so I can try to get a picture without the mess of toys and playground equipment out there. I love the mama deer nuzzling her baby in the background.

Do you like to take pictures? Have you experienced a Salt Spring Island July? Let’s connect on Instagram! You can find me @hanspray there, or on other social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even YouTube (although I need to up my game there – any suggestions for what you’d like to see?).

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Enjoy the rest of our fleeting summer, friends. Get out there and make some memories!

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