Slime Without Borax: Preschool Sensory Play Experience

slime without borax

Want to try something neat with your preschool child or class? This non-toxic recipe for slime without borax is soooooo cool, I can’t help but to touch it! Such a neat recipe that makes for a very interesting sensory experience.
Slime without borax

I made this slime without borax because of Health Canada’s new guidelines and warnings about the safety of borax. You can find the disclaimer regarding the studied risks associated with borax (boric acid) here. It clearly warns Canadians to “Use recipes to make children’s arts and crafts at home (e.g. slimes) that do not contain boric acid.” It even warns not to use borax in making homemade pesticides, in an effort to minimize contact with this risky substance.

Lots of people still use borax for kids crafts and activities, and I’m sure most of them will be just fine. However, I just feel safer minimizing our already prevalent environmental risks by just steering clear of this product.

Recipe for slime without borax to offer a non-toxic sensory experience for kids.

How To Make Slime Without Borax

The recipe for the slime was simply a ratio of 2:1 cornstarch to warm water (with a few drops of food colouring in the water). Then you just mix with your hands until it’s mixed and slimy. Super simple, right?

slime without borax sensory play experience preschool

To make the experience more interesting I set out a colander, flat colander pot topper, ladle, and cooking rack. Later, we switched out those objects for spoons and clean, empty apple sauce cups. This was another neat way to explore the gooey green substance.

I’m embedding a short clip from my Facebook page to give you a slightly better look at how interesting this substance is to play with. Of course, the best video wasn’t actually recorded at the time (I got that classic two-second clip of after I thought I was recording, instead), so this will just have to do until you try it yourself.

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