How To Shop Green, Buy Local, & Save Money with a Healthy Moms Discount Card

Healthy Moms Discount Card Healthy Moms Vancouver & Healthy Moms Toronto

I’ve been watching from afar as the health- and eco-conscious moms in Toronto reaped the benefits of fantastic discounts on a wide range of products and services that fit their philosophies. So when I was made aware that the Healthy Moms Discount Card now had a Healthy Moms Vancouver chapter, catering to Vancouver-based moms and businesses, I was thrilled to get my own discount card and have the opportunity to share about this highly worthwhile program with you.

Healthy Moms Discount Card - Healthy Moms Vancouver & Healthy Moms TorontoWhat is the Healthy Moms Discount Card?

In 2012 Aviva Allen (a mom and kids’ nutritionist who previously wrote this guest post here on multivitamins for toddlers) started a Facebook group for a tribe of like-minded moms in the Greater Toronto Area – Healthy Moms Toronto – where they could share recipes, tips, and ideas related to living a healthy, natural lifestyle. The group quickly grew, and with a clear desire to be connected with businesses that fit into their lifestyle and values, in 2016 the Healthy Moms Discount Card was born.

Healthy Moms Discount Card - Healthy Moms Toronto

Aviva carefully selected each and every participating business because of factors such as the quality of their products or services, their environmental responsibility or choice of ingredients, materials or packaging used. She has negotiated the best possible discounts for purchases made with these businesses using the Healthy Moms Discount Card. The discount is applied to whole purchases (with some exclusions, eg. sale items), rather than specific product discounts. When browsing through each of the businesses listed, I noticed discounts on purchases seemed to range from 10%-30%. The discount can be redeemed in-store or with promo codes online (unless otherwise stated).

Because many of the businesses also allow for online shopping, your Healthy Moms Discount Card is not Toronto or Vancouver specific (though there is a specific webpage for each of the unique areas and the businesses within), and as such can be used for businesses regardless of where they are based.

The Healthy Moms Discount Cards are now permanent cards with no expiry date, so the $29.95 lifetime membership makes a fantastic investment (and a great gift idea).

What Kind of Businesses Are Part of Healthy Moms Discount?

One of the benefits of the Healthy Moms program is that it makes it much easier to find local (or at least Canadian) businesses that carry the kind of ethical and sustainable products and services that this eco-conscious and green-living mama looks for. Now that Healthy Moms Vancouver Browsing through the many different businesses that take part in the Healthy Moms Discount Card introduced me to a plethora of amazing businesses that are useful to moms (and dads/families/people) who care about the health implications of the products they use on their families and the planet. These types of businesses range from cafes and restaurants, to sleep consultants, car rentals, skincare, fashion, home decor, food and drinks, kitchenware, childcare, and more. Because of the range, I would recommend this discount card to non-parenting individuals with a similar lifestyle, not just moms.

Healthy Moms Discount Card - Healthy Moms Vancouver

For instance, I had never heard of Carina Organics, a Vancouver-based brand that offers a wide variety of organic hair, body, and face products for the whole family. I was hugely impressed by the price of the products (half of what I am currently paying for similar shampoo & conditioner!) and the low-rate flat shipping fee for those of us who are shopping from a distance. With the 15% discount on orders with a Healthy Moms Discount Card I will definitely be ordering from Carina Organics and saving money on my next supply of shampoo, conditioner, and more.

Timber Child’s wooden plate collection also blew my mind. My favourites are the mountains, camera, and fox, if anyone’s looking for birthday/Christmas ideas for Z…

I was also delighted to see various businesses that are familiar to me, some that I’ve even partnered with before to share about here on The Big To-Do List, such as Chickapea Pasta (which you can read about and see the recipes I tried here), and The Ninety Ninth Monkey (where I received my PlanetBox from, which you can read my PlanetBox review of here).

Other brands participating in the Healthy Moms Discount Card program that grabbed my attention are: Angel Wings Baby Wearing Clothing,, Nannies On Call, iSpy Children’s Resale Shop, Evo Car Share, Cheeky Cosmetics, The Green Beaver Company, Kin Organics, Guys with Knives, Routine Natural Deodorant, Silk Road Tea,, Zaya Eco Skincare, and SO MANY MORE!!!!

Healthy Moms Discount Card helps Canadian families shop natural & eco-friendly, support local, and save money.

Get Your Own Healthy Moms Discount Card

If you’re a Canadian (especially if you’ve based in Vancouver, BC or the Ontario GTA) who shops according to a healthy and natural lifestyle, this card can save you a great deal of money. To sign up for your own Healthy Moms Discount Card membership click here.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for every time you choose to shop locally, and with planet and people in mind. Every little bit makes a difference.

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Ad Disclosure: I am a proud affiliate of Healthy Moms and have been compensated for this program. I will be further compensated for my efforts based on completed sales of the card. All of the above are solely my own true and personal views and experiences. To read my full disclosure statement click here.

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